About Us

SimplyFit Gym was birthed over 20 years ago by two passion-driven locals, Hudson Ellis and Billy Katz. The duo sought to create a gym environment that cultivated individual goals in a welcoming community environment. Their vision culminated in a place where any individual could come to work on their goals, have a blast while doing it, and leave feeling better than when they walked in. Having lived in New Orleans their whole lives, both Hudson and Billy recognized this need and worked diligently to bring their idea to life. Their hands-on approach to business continues today, with both owners working at the gym daily to carry out the idea they had twenty years prior. Over the years, SimplyFit has helped individuals of every different makeup reach peak performance in their unique style, unexpectedly enjoyable and undeniably effective. Whether you come to SimplyFit to pursue your goals with one of our world-class trainers or to work independently, we already know you’ll be a good fit in our family.

“There is nothing more rewarding than helping others feel comfortable and welcome while achieving their fitness goals.”

-Hudson Ellis